Autotune Whip Mobile HF Antenna


The 9300 family of Automatic Tuning Whip Mobile HF Antennas provides for consistent stable tuning and continuous frequency coverage throughout the HF band. The 150W PEP RF Power handling capability is ideal for data and voice communications. It is intended for vehicular mounting as to meet the needs of our worldwide customers in the following markets:

  • Humanitarian
  • Military & Police
  • National Guard
  • National Parks
  • Private Security
  • Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Border Patrol
  • Peacekeeping
  • Forestry

The 9300 antenna design is based on an extensive evaluation of customer feedback on existing antennas. This resulted in the adoption of innovative methods and techniques that in addition to traditional rigidity, allowed for achieving many features unheard of in other mobile whip antennas. Problems with jammed lead screw based mechanics, short life relays, switching contact losses and water ingress through frequently broken connections has been addressed in the 9300 series antennas.

9300 Stealth

Special features

The 9300 series antennas have been designed for flexible interface with virtually any commercial or military HF transceiver while maintaining correct function of their specific algorithms. The Stealth 9300 antenna can easily be programmed to operate with existing HF transceivers with supplied USB cable or using menu settings from optional ACU. The 9300 is currently the only antenna that operates from 10-30VDC source with either 12 or 24VDC powered HF radios making redundant the use of noisy DC-DC up-converters for 12V and down-converters for 24V battery powered vehicles.

High performance

Lightweight and immune to temperature variations, the tuning mechanism kinematics of the 9300 Stealth Antenna provides substantially higher MTBF, functioning reliably with low loss variable inductor while being almost as fast as relay based switching.

Rugged design

The 9300 Auto tuning Mobile HF whip Antenna is engineered as a high technology device produced with purpose built jigs and tooling ensuring high consistency of parts replication, simplicity in assembly and automation of testing and quality control guaranteeing CNC style precise functioning of finished product. The sealed housing is designed to be impervious to water and dust and is constructed using the latest UV-stabilized glass reinforced thermoplastics and metal alloys to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and ensure reliable operation in all climates and all types of terrain.

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